Better Business Bureau® of Middle Tennessee, Inc.
Upper Cumberland Area Branch [Serving Macon County]
18 North Jefferson Street
Cookeville, TN 38501
Phone (931) 520-0008
Fax (931) 520-0009


Better Business Bureau® of Middle Tennessee, Inc.
SunTrust Bank Building
201 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 100
PO Box 198436
Nashville, TN 37219-8436
(615) 242-4222 (24-Hour Info Line)
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The Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee, Inc. was chartered as a not-for-profit Tennessee corporation in October 1961. BBB is designated as a 501( c ) ( 6 ) organization by the Internal Revenue Service. BBB serves a total of 38 counties in Middle Tennessee and 7 in Southern Kentucky. The Middle Tennessee headquarters is located in Nashville and operates five branch offices:

Central Tennessee Branch serving Bedford, Cannon, Coffee, Rutherford and Warren Counties.  Located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (opened January 1997).

Tenn-Tucky Area Branch serving Allen, Christian, Houston, Humphreys, Logan, Montgomery, Monroe, Simpson, Stewart, Trigg, and Todd Counties.  Located in Clarksville, Tennessee (opened January 1998).

Tennessee Valley Area Branch serving Franklin, Giles, Lawrence, Lewis, Lincoln, Marshall, Maury, Moore, and Wayne Counties.  Located in Columbia, Tennessee (opened November 1999 in Fayetteville, Tennessee and relocated to Columbia, Tennessee in 2007.

Upper Cumberland Area Branch serving Clay, DeKalb, Fentress, Jackson, Macon, Overton, Pickett, Putnam, Smith, and White Counties.  Located in Cookeville, Tennessee (opened December 2002).

Williamson County Branch serving Williamson County.  Located in Franklin, Tennessee (Opened November 2005).

Click here for addresses and phone numbers of each office.

BBB promotes integrity and business ethics through self-regulation in the marketplace. Services provided by the BBB include a 24-Hour automated telephone inquiry service and website, which provides reports on companies and charitable organizations, general monitoring of advertising in the marketplace, dispute resolution services, and consumer/business education programs. BBB information and services are provided at no cost to the public with the exception of mediation and arbitration services.

The Community Mediation Center, a division of the Better Business Bureau was established in December 1995. The center provides alternative dispute resolution services for businesses and the public, training and seminars in mediation, conflict resolution, and customer satisfaction.

Since 1963 the BBB and the Nashville Advertising Federation have co-sponsored a community program for maintaining public confidence in advertising in Middle Tennessee. The program works through the monitoring of advertising for truth and accuracy, competitor challenges, and education program on advertising standards.

BBB is governed by a 42-Member Volunteer Board of Directors which meets monthly. Kathleen Calligan has served as President and CEO of the Better Business Bureau since December 1995. Beth Furbush is the Manager of the Central Tennessee Branch Office, Chris Hubbard is the Branch Services Coordinator of the Tenn-Tucky Area Branch Office, Becky Logue is the Manager of the Tennessee Valley Area Branch Office, Elaine Cumby is the Manager of the Upper Cumberland Branch Office, and Elizabeth Mefferd is the Manager of the Williamson County Branch Office.

BBB is funded entirely by Membership dues from over 4,000 business and professional firms in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky. BBB receives no government grants or tax revenues for operation. Contributions to BBB are not tax deductible as a charitable contribution, but may be deducted as an ordinary and necessary business expense.